At The Derryfield School, our teachers, coaches, and advisors are dedicated to helping students find not only what they love to do, but also what the world calls them to do. This purpose has guided the Derryfield community for the past 50 years.

Derryfield’s beautiful, 84-acre campus offers a rich variety of academic, athletic, artistic, service, and social opportunities to help each student identify his or her interests, talents, and calling. Students are challenged, supported, and appreciated both for the people they are and for the potential inside them.

A school is only as strong as its faculty. Derryfield’s teachers are smart, passionate, and caring. They are committed to excellence, and teach with inspiration and humor. The School’s mission is “to inspire bright, motivated students to be their best,” and our faculty rise to this standard daily. Classes are small, and each student’s success and point of view matters. It is rare to find students who appreciate their education as much or who love and respect their teachers and coaches more than do the students at Derryfield.

2108 River Rd.
Manchester, NH 03104